The success  of your exhibit depend on regular aquarium maintenance/pond maintenance. Detrimental chemicals build up over time from food and waste

from your fish. To eliminate these toxins, water needs to be changed and filters need to be serviced on a consistent basis. Let Keeping Paradise Pond and Aquarium Services bring their knowledge and experience to handle these dirty and time consuming chores for you.

pnd1Keeping Paradise, LLC currently maintains commercial and residential aquariums and ponds throughout the East Texas area. In addition to sales and installations we offer monthly, twice monthly, and weekly aquarium maintenance programs for your freshwater, saltwater, or reef habitat. Along with Monthly, and weekly pond maintenance programs. Each visit includes the pnd9 pnd8 sw9following services:

Aquarium Maintenance

  • Water quality assessment and treatment
  • Fish health assessment and treatment
  • Check and repair/replace equipment as needed
  • Clean interior and exterior fish tank surfaces
  • Clean/replace decorations
  • 25-50% water change by gravel vacuum
  • Clean filters and change filter media as needed
  • Empty and clean protein skimmer (SW only)
  • Clean overflow and pump sponges
  • Clean covers and light fixtures
  • Polish stand and canopy
  • Free saltwater and R/O water for top-off (SW only)
  • Deliver livestock, food, and supplies

Pond Maintenance Includes


  • Fish health assessment and treatment/Water quality
  • Check and repair/replace equipment as needed
  • Filter media skimmer basket cleaning
  • Vacuuming and debris removal
  • Algae control
  • Plant fertilization and care
  • Delivery of Livestock/plants
  • sw1supplies and food

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